Anorei Collins - Moving Her Career To Another Level

Several serious news coming from Anorei Collins. First off, she got the baby finally, later then expected. Okay, that happened 2 weeks ago and you surely know by now. In bigger news, announced by Anorei on her Tumblr page: She'll be leaving What does this mean? Well, that she'll no longer be working with the webmistress who handles all the technical aspects of the site and very likely owns the domain. Anorei adds that her (now) old site still has plenty of content, so we can expect a bunch of yet unreleased images and videos to come from there.

She doesn't give any reasons for the split. In analogy to bands breaking up, i would expect … well, not musical differences, but business related differences, of whatever kind. Anorei tells: It was a hard decision to make to leave the site, but I feel that my justifications are reasonable, and I apologize wholeheartedly to the members. It would be petty and unprofessional to bring up the reasons why in any type of public forum, so I won’t - but please, rest assured, you’ve not seen the last of me. In other words, Anorei will continue to model: I’m available for hire select weekends in July for modeling/bdsm shoots/etc. We have to wait and see what this major change will bring. Anorei always came across as a reasonable girl, so i don't see why we shouldn't be optimistic about her future career.

A few stills from, as it looks like, Anorei's first post pregnancy video:
See the clip on her Tumblr page.

When she still was pregnant, Anorei posted to more 2 more clips to YouTube beyond those i've mentioned before. Anorei - 40 weeks:

And Anorei 41 weeks:

Anorei updated with a pregnant video as well: 


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