Gaining Bombshell Cupcake - Sunglasses Can Look Cute & Sexy

Cupcake Bombshell is quite a species! I mean one could get the impression currently that there are one million plump girls on the interwebs telling & trying to gain some weight and turn into BBWs with bigger curves. In that spirit i noticed Cupcake… but still couldn't resist to become a fan. What's so different about her? Wehhhllll… she is TOTALLY unstaged. Not in any respect she makes a big fuss about herself, her looks, her outfits or about the quality of her sets. Cupcake is just super relaxed and genuine in what she is doing. Particularly in videos you can see that she enjoys every second of showing off. In that spirit i can't tell whether i like her boobs, her belly, her booty or her look most. Cupcake is a complete package. She is a big deal!

In a spontaneous idea i asked her if she could do a set wearing sunglasses (remember you have to be a member, otherwise you can't expect a model to fulfill any requests). Within one week, and without many words, she came up with this set. After rockstars and others hardly can be seen without them, and consequently have ruined the fun, it's amazing how cute and bubbly Cupcake looks with her shades.

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