SSBBW Lailani With Emilia Boshe And Her 34J Boobs - The Big Surprise Team-up !! [Upd. 10-12-06]

Mathematics doesn't always apply on sexy images. For example on calculations like: When 2 hot models shoot together, will the result be the sum of both girls' hotness? More than the sum? Or…?  :D Of course nobody would seriously indulge in such considerations. As i wouldn't have expected to see these 2 beauties modeling together. But it's not a dream. It happened for real!

Lailani and Emilia Boshe (aka Sexy Mega Boobs) are teaming up on one photo set so far. They make a surprisingly thrilling pair. Of course they are very different models, but genuine stunners each of them. I think it's a fabulous match - and truly exciting news. The intimate style of the shots comes as another touch. Emilia's changed look is another serious surprise - a great surprise. Apparently she laid off the tanning a bit, and pleases us now with a most adorable natural, almost angel-like look. Sexier than ever! Here's 2 images from the set which Lailani has emailed me - so far only released on Lailani's site. THANK YOU, Lailani! (If there will be more, well, the future will tell). 

There are also 2 videos with Lailani and Emilia - available through Lailani's video store(s). I have no idea if Emilia plans to release them on her Southern Charms clipstore as well. The f<irst one shows them having a bit of pizza together - "Skinny vs. Fattie Eating clip - The Difference why Lailani is gaining!"

The idea with these identical batik tops is too sweet. I had to lift 2 still images from the GIF for closer contemplation (expect better video quality cause these GIFs are severely compressed). 

In the second video "Skinny and Fattie changing their clothes - inkl. Sept. Weight in!". Lailani and Emilia swap each others clothes. Fun and galore sexy views are sure predictions.

[Update 10-12-04]
Emilia's Southern Charms site is no longer up unfortunately. I spoke with her a few times where she told that she had to deal with a lot of stuff in her private life. And that she wasn't sure if she would find the time and energy for regular updates. That's a pity. But sometimes real life takes over. I'm quite sure she will make a return after things have settled down. She is still doing camshows. You might catch her there in the meantime. Or maybe write an encouraging comment. After talking quite a bit with her i can definitely say that Emilia is a very positive minded and sweet girl who deserves our encouragement.  

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