Arianna Sinn - Turbo-charged Hitchhiker

Arianna Sinn stands on some gravel road in the middle nowhere, maybe coming from a beach and hitchhiking. Willing car picks her up. It doesn't take long till the encounter slips over to more serious action. Score calls that a "fantasy"… Haha, It's funny to see that word after this little plot. Cause it might be one of the few porn stories i've seen happening in reality. At least close to beaches frequented by foreign travelers.

Fantasy or not, for real is Arianna's exceptional look in this new update (image set and video). Her outfit is made to keep us focused. Extra nice!. While her makeup isn't super heavy this time, giving Arianna a more gorgeous and flirty look. Probably my favorite scene so far on her Scoreland run site.

Screen shots from the preview clip:

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