Siberian Beauty - Plump And Curvy Thickness In The Hottest Shape

Siberian Beauty is a girl with unbelievable plump curves. If i were an artist looking for a larger model with a killer butt and mouthwatering big boobs, she would be one of my first choices. And i probably had a hard time to concentrate on my work. Thankfully she is modeling for all of us, for something like 6 years now. And since she became  a mom about 2 years ago, she got even curvier.

My first screen is from her most recent update. To best effect - mainly for her delicious big boobs (seen on her other photos) she is wearing a see-through top. And  these nylons - oh boy, isn't that a stellar butt?

The one below is taken from her third to last update showing a killer front view of Siberian Beauty. To tell the truth, on this particular shot he camera angle makes her look a bit bigger than usual. Or the angles on other images make her look smaller? Either way, she shows plump and curvy thickness in the hottest shape.

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