Leah Jayne - Looking For A Fix In The Garage

There's been some talk that Leah Jayne is in or has plans to go to retirement. For quite a while actually, so that i even made a little comment in my last entry. I don't think she got it from there, but just yesterday Leah Jayne told on Twitter: Why does everyone think i have retired!?! #nevergonnahappen! We take you by these words, girl! Truth is however that various people who seemed to know her spread this info on various places. Good riddance that those rumors were unfounded. She makes a sweet impression on Twitter btw, by sounding totally real and easy-going, with a lot of fun usually.

I feel that Leah Jayne is a highly addictive babe. And each time i see her, this addiction gets renewed or even increases. She has these wonderful massive 34HH boobs on a deliciously plump body. And there's something about her face, in particular about her eyes and her expression, that makes a few extra stars rise at the firmament. Not sure what exactly that is - maybe a combination of her always being nice, bubbly and totally herself, creating an aura that is very special and seems to shine together with her appearances. That's very remarkable, after she's never done any 'special' sets. She's been a strictly hardcore girl throughout her career lasting for a couple of years now. I know that some of you want to just see her suck and fuck. But i sometimes wish she would come out of her shell a bit more in a few releases, and expand that unused potential of being such a character for something that totally overwhelms us. Or rather, i wish somebody would give her the chance to do that.

For now Leah Jayne is back on PlumperPass with another hardcore release. She enters this garage, apparently not to get a gadget fixed. But rather to get a fix herself. There she finds Omar who is the specialist for such issues. She looks super cheerful and sexy straight from the beginning. And as the intensity rises, she remains that way, with heating up further, and coming across as a wonderful package of juicy sexiness and banging pleasure. Leah Jayne is downright fabulous. Plumper At Work makes her 17th release (counting videos at image sets as ONE) for PlumperPass. Who btw revamped their layout - it looks great - what caused however some of my old links to be broken now. I might make a few occasional fixes but i can't update them all at once. Samples from the preview gallery:

And here's a few screen caps from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips:


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