Leah Jayne: Bad Girl Boots, Wicked Girl Look, Still A Hot Sweetheart!

Sometimes it is SO worth going back to check older releases. In 2005, at a very early stage of her career, Leah Jayne started to shoot a couple of solo sets and videos for TopHeavyAmateurs. Later on she mainly appeared in hardcore releases, with rare exceptions like her - very good looking - work with XX-Cel. Rattan quite likely is from that time. Leah Jayne (on TopHeavyAmateurs just called Leah) is for the most part just wearing these knee high 'bad girl' boots and showing a matching wicked expression. At the same time it's hard to get one'e eyes off her shiny plump curves and these 34HH boobs. Top photography btw, and Leah Jayne's posing is up to that standard. Where it really helps that TopHeavyAmateurs have more recently reprocessed the images to a 1666x2500 pixels format.

Leah Jayne of course isn't just your downright tough girl. You only have to check her Twitter to see what a relaxed sweetheart and doll she actually is - well, among other sparkling qualities that she has too. But a closer look at these Rattan shots reveals as well that there's a gorgeous bubbly fun babe behind this wickedness. Yesterday, when planning my next updates, i discovered this big 35 images preview gallery, marked it in my memory, and today, when checking once more, it blew me away again. A real keeper! Now when will we see Leah Jayne doing such a tremendous shoot again?


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