Nadine Jansen: Simplicity, Asian Style

Nadine Jansen has not exactly been quiet, but coming with just one update in each of the past months usually. So more guest models have been populating her site, but, if you're familiar with her site, you know that Daktari, the man shooting all the content, always is up for awesomeness. But now it's the time for the queen again! Nadine Jansen's latest set is called Asian Bedroom. We see a bonsai tree, and actually her whole bedroom is converted to the classical (Japanese ?) design. Simplicity rules. It could be accidental, but i rather suspect that Nadine's overall look is inspired from that as well. Not directly, in the sense that she would wear an Asian style makeup f. ex. It's rather her very straight, casually punchy look that makes a simple, yet super dynamic impression - together with her 36J boobs and more naked skin than usual, looking just tremendously sexy. Also her butt - just wow! Great to see another killer Nadine Jansen update

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