Dors Feline - Supernatural Body. And Bountiful Visuals

I'm sometimes surprised about which of my posts here are met with super high visitor counts. Certainly less of a surprise though was the popularity of my Dors Feline posts. And the figures are still high. So it comes as good news that unreleased content so far seems not to be running out. BustyDorsFeline keeps the updates coming. And the ScoreGroup just issued two so far never seen releases. 

Body Suited comes as the matching image set to a video of the same title - i previewed it back in April. Its 64 images went up to XLGirls now. And the impact isn't less overwhelming. The bodysuit 'aggravates' Dors Feline's supernatural curves to maximum effect. While she puts her qualities on display like a natural queen.

Tropic of Tease is an almost 16 mins video just released on Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. Shot in Caribbean, and the colorful outfit matches perfectly. Her 34KK boobs seem to overflow her tight bra right from the beginning - only the starting point of colorful and most bountiful visuals only Dors Feline can show off. Simply sensational. Screen caps from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips:


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