Elaina Gregory Has Serious FX On People (3 Updates!)

Sometimes it may not look rational why i don't blog about particular models or updates. No serious reasons behind that - on some days i just have less time, and when there's a bunch of amazing fresh releases, i have to focus on the most striking looking ones. Add also that some updates come with not attractive looking previews (while the actual release IS great). Also some sites make it really steep to sign up as an affiliate. Or make it hard/time-consuming to find or use their material. Score has a great set-up to use their material. So the reason why i neglected Elaina Gregory so far must be that her releases have fallen into 'busy' times.

But also i have to re-adjust my priorities :D I mean she always looked absolutely scrumptious - there's no left argument left when you see 36N boobs. And look at that hot butt!! Oh boy…. What really made my appreciation for Elaina Gregory go sky high now is the latest release. Score just captured the essence of her body better. Just look at my first string of samples below, in particular the 5th/last one!! Finally, due to a less overdone makeup and less fluffed hairstyle, her already gorgeous face turned into looking stellar! What a totally sexy girl! Enough of the talk, images!

Stacked In Stockings just came out on Scoreland. I'd rate it as one of the most stunning photo sets so far this year. They could probably top it by applying a more natural light next time. But it looks downright overwhelming as it is. 

Elaina's Tits Have An Effect On People is a repackaged release on XLGirls of Boobs To The Nth Power which appeared on Scoreland back in March. It matches the video Elaina Gregory Measures Up! Big time! Released on Score2Go, ScoreHD and ScoreVideos. The preview galleries of the image set releases are different, thus i give you samples form both. Samples from the XLGirls release:

Samples from the Scoreland release:

Last week saw Elaina Gregory for the first time teaming up with a cock. I have no idea if there's more HC planned to follow First Tits & Tugs. Personally i would probably prefer if she focused on featuring her gorgeous herself upfront, without male interferences. As well her look falls a bit behind here, mainly because of the makeup though. She is still stunning. And Elaina seems to really enjoy the treatment. But what do i say… if you love tit fucking, you've already stopped reading and proceeded to the images. The image set came out on Scoreland, the video on Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. Samples from the preview gallery:   

Screen Caps from the Flash Trailer and the WMV sample clips:


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