Kiki Kakuchi: Playing With A Yellow Rope

A rather small entry. And this single image i have to post doesn't even show that much. But enough to display that Kiki Kakuchi totally has the name of this blog written all over her, no? Isn't she a captivating looker?

I found it on the tour page of Boobs N Curves. Unfortunately they give out only very few samples or info regarding their releases like dates or number of image sets and videos they have of their individual models. So i can't tell when this release went live. Kiki Kakuchi stopped talking or being interactive on the internet a while ago. Mainly, so my impression from the time when i had contact with her, because of her frustration after people kept badmouthing her in a quite serious way. She did continue however to shoot self-produced content in decent quality and selling it to a number of sites. So chances aren't bad to see more unreleased images or videos emerging with this radiant and busty super-favorite from Canada.

For a at least slightly better impression, here's a screen cap of the whole preview. On their models page, Boobs N Curves have a thumbnail from a different set with Kiki looking even hotter.
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