Nadine Jansen - The Nude Carpenter

Well, she might not wear the official work clothes of a carpenter. But Nadine Jansen's new image set is called Work Bench, the individual images hobel1 etc and Hobel means planer in English. So the affection with those retro/manufactory location keeps going, with their kinda grim charm always creating a fascinating contrast to Nadine's soft and radiant look. But now, what's much more important: Nadine gets fully nude!! I have to say that she never looked like holding back or hiding something. Given the right outfits, poses and camera angles - something that's always the case with Nadine's releases - topless/semi-nude of course can have the full impact. But we don't complain when we see the full nude deal once in while, do we? Especially after Nadine Jansen has such a nice butt as well. And she really looks like on fire on this first sample.

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