Aneta Buena - White Dress (More), Wet And Boat Trip

It's great to see that the revitalization of Aneta Buena's site, within the network of, is getting serious attention. On my blog post a couple of days ago, but on other places as well. Her webmaster has emailed me a few more preview links now which i can't resist to post as well.

Old Town (as they call it now) shows Aneta Buena in that infamous tight white dress. With Kora Kryk she inspects the inner city - to see and to be seen, right? - orders a "sexy pizza" (so it says on the menu), has an ice cream and gets her hands on Kora's boobs. While her dress doesn't contain her own tits any longer. Boy, does Aneta look sexy!! As posted before, there's a gallery. And now we have 2 slightly better looking sample clips (over 1 min). On a side note, i wished webmasters would dump that inefficient anachronism called .wmv and use .mp4 instead. Not to let me capture better stills of course, but crisper looking sample clips surely would help sales in general. Here's a few screen caps anyway.

Aneta Buena not only has this tremendously curvy body. I'm blown away again how sexy she looks with every change of expression - be it her straight look or her winning smile. She doesn't seem to stage anything. A few screen caps from her Wet T-shirt sample clip

Then Aneta & Kora went on a Boat Trip. The open sea provides the perfect opportunity for an even closer inspection of each others treasures… A few samples from the preview gallery:

Finally a random sample from Aneta's updates page. Her she is with Ines Cudna. Milk does a body good, right? Don't forget that a subscription to gives you access to 11 different big boob sites, including Aneta's site.

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