Lookie!! Maria Moore Has Lots Of Updates

I admit i should check more often. Maria Moore keeps updating her site rather secretly while we bloggers sometimes need …  a little reminder. Or i just should install a script that will automatically make pop up this image once a day :P  

That was a casual shot Maria posted from her Twitter. Now to the pro updates: Basketball usually doesn't get much attention where i live. However, when Maria enters the game, i'm getting very focused. Her 36K boobs always do the trick. But this one also looks so typical Maria Moore - shining sexiness on all levels, although taken from quite a distance. But i'm sure there are closer ones.

After sports, it's time for a bath. Her looks seems to say: Do you really think you can focus on something else now? The answer of course is NO!!!

There is also a shower update, shot last year when Maria Moore was pregnant. Matching perfectly with 2 more pregnant updates. One of them showing regular kitchen activity turning into a … blowjob. And looking like a hell of combo of pregnant fetish, classiness, fun and messy nastiness, in a way like only Maria can do it.

Those are only examples of the recent activity on her site. More recent additions are long videos with Maria playing naked, and showing her radiant skills in another ball game. Her updates page lists them with more detail i can provide here. Here's another one of these snaps Maria occasionally does. Quite snapping, right?    

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