Claudia - Looking Lethal In Her White Dress

After seeing Aneta Buena looking downright unbelievable in a tight white dress, here's another white dress show-off that can directly compete. The uber femme this time is  Swiss girl Claudia (at least i think she comes from Switzerland) whom i've only seen on SiliconeFree so far. Actually she started modeling for the site in its early beginnings, in 2001. Apparently she disappeared then for many years. To make a storming return in 2009. She didn't change that much physically. Maybe she got even a little more curvier. But her longer hair now drastically changed her look for the better, giving her a much more shiny feminine appeal. 

Here's a few screen caps from the recently released 5th part of her (how i see it) legendary white dress episode. The episode had started in the studio. Then the camera followed Claudia walking through the streets. This part shows her getting back to the SiliconeFree studio where she uncovers these tremendous treasures again. Doesn't she look crazy hot in every second???

SiliconeFree tends to slice their long scenes into 10 minutes sequences and release these parts rather slowly. As a big pro however they got decent H.264 quality downloadable videos. And they have, including her early videos that they've recently reprocessed to more current quality standards, a lot of content with Claudia.

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