Kiki Kakuchi - Creating A Big Mess

Kiki Kakuchi has completely withdrawn from the public in terms of social networks and interacting over 3 years ago. Well, at least from the channels where i would notice her. But in all secrecy, so to speak, she kept shooting content and selling it to less than a handful websites. Maybe till this day. What wouldn't surprise me actually, knowing her dedication to the things that she loves. I have to say as well that any of her self organized shoots looked good so far.

Don't get fooled by Boobpedia or Lana's Big Boobs btw. They claim that Kiki Kakuchi has a personal site. Wrong. Kiki has no relation with that site, except many years ago selling them something over a dozen sets once. I got that info from her personally.

Nice to discover that BoobsNCurces have a couple of sets with Kiki on their site, all original content as far as i can see, and definitely no 2nd rate Kiki-ness. On this one she gets a little messy. Well, quite messy. When i saw the first sample, and Kiki covered with this white substance, i noticed the white candle next to her and got a slight shock initially. But it's just glaze, or something of that kind. Kiki tricked us again. So it seems at least, as i have no idea however if the candle comes to use in the continuation of the set. Well, most likely not. Kiki Kakuchi's unbroken popularity is no surprise after seeing her 36G boobs and her stellar curvy body in full glory again. While most people certainly love her as a full package, sparked by being both a super gorgeous and unique or special girl. It's great that BoobsNCurves keeps her saga going.

Before the mess started…

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