Micky Bells And Natalie Fiore - Dream Team Alert

Question: What makes a dream team? Answer: Put Micky and Natalie Fiore together!
Okay, i wouldn't say that things have to be that way lol  You could also have two girls with similar looks (including similar hair) and they would make a splash like a shining and blazing dream team. But the fascination with Micky and Natalie obviously comes from their different looks and, apparently different 'vibes', yet they fit together so nicely. 

Their biggest match is that Micky sports 36J boobs. And Natalie … yes, 36J boobs as well. So we can see them together now, in The Magnificent Meeting, a 23:00 video released on Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. They get together very close and intimately, this is not just a little boob grabbing and random touching of each other. You can almost sense how the whole place is loaded with their intensive sexy presence, and the thrill when they're getting at each other, as, like i said before, somehow different and yet so perfectly matching girls. They make a serious dream team. Screen shots from the WMV sample clips and the Flash trailer:

BTW You can check Micky on IMLive if you want to see her on webcam. Natalie Fiore has her slot there as well.

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