Charlie Cooper Back In HC Action: - Fluffy Beauty Wiggling All Over The Place

Last weekend i mentioned that Charlie Cooper has been working regularly only for 2 companies, the ScoreGroup and PlumperPass. I should add that there's apparently a little race: whenever one of them releases an update, the other one follows quickly. So, after Score's monumental solo scene, here's Charlie Cooper with a new hardcore release, her 9th image set/video update at PlumperPass. If i'm not mistaken, it's her first work for them in her bigger shape (Score was a bit faster in that respect). Charlie has clearly BBW dimensions, and something else that i've noticed as well: Her whole appearance in front of the camera has become much more natural. Instead of just being the tremendously curvy body with the trademark smile, she has turned into an exciting to watch personality. 

Okay, i don't bore you with retelling the plot of Hit The Miss - you can expect a lot of sucking and fucking and Charlie Cooper jiggling and wiggling her fluffy curvage all over the place. One observation about the male talent, Levi Cash: At PlumperPass there are lots comments requesting him constantly, because he grabs and works the girls' bellies. Now he grabs Charlie's boobs and belly the whole time. Less might be more. Levi also has the tendency to be quite rigid and a control freak. He's certainly not the man to trigger fun or a natural flow. Although this time he looks a bit more relaxed. Either way, Charlie's beauty and her jiggly softness is something to be seen. Samples from the preview gallery:

Screen caps from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips:

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