Jaime aka Melissa Manning - Sexy Super Cutie

Jaime (Melissa Manning) is a girl many do know (AND LOVE) by now after her debut last week at Score. It surely doesn't surprise anybody that Cosmid quickly 'answers' with another Jaime update - as they keep calling her, while she is Melissa Manning on Score. And i'm sure nobody complains about seeing more of such a hypnotizing girl, correct?

Bras In The Changing Room is rather the candid Jaime/Melissa. And i mean … lordy… *hat flows off* … her boobs look particularly big and mind-blowing with that green bra (supposed to go off later), while her face the whole time looks so instantly gorgeous. She is absolutely incredible. Just 2 screen shots from the sample clip. This  is her 6th release on Cosmid who update on 7 days a week btw.

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