Shione Cooper: The Body Painter. And: Promoted By Katerina Hartlova

Busier times for Shione Cooper again. At least if new releases on 2 different sites are an indication. Cosmid just issued Shione's 11th update (5 are from 2011) called Paint Time With Shione. Our girl from Prague takes a shower, colors her luscious curves with paint and washes it off again. Fluxus art, reloaded. This is probably the sweetest Shione that we've ever seen. She is all smiles and smirks - lighthearted fun, yet so sexy in combination with her delicious big boobs and curves. I hope however that she hasn't completely abandoned her deadly kool and gorgeous look. Punk's not dead, right? And variety is ... you know it! Cosmid has this preview clip. Here's a few screen caps:

The other update, Chance Of Promotion, on Nadine Jansen's site, brings Shione Cooper together with Katerina Harlova. Part 1 of the image set just got released. Katerina, as the super hottie, showing lots of cleavage, is pure pleasure to see. Shione joins her in the office, simply mind-blowing in her grey/black outfit. Surely her deadliest fashion in a long time. Fully dressed, in style, yet so stupendously sexy, that's an achievement. Katerina and Shione of course have more on their minds than just business talk. Let's hope that there will be video as well on Nadine-J of this hot looking encounter.

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